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157 days 'til Camp

Leaders Right This Way

Our leadership programs are designed for our oldest campers, and help teach them what it takes to be a good role model for other campers. These two week programs serve as both a great stepping stone to the CIT program and as a great leadership experience for one of their final sessions as a camper. The leadership programs run in two week increments throughout
the summer.

To sign up for the leadership programs, please check the LIT Program box on the registration form. Like all other cabin assignments, individuals will find out if they are in either leadership program on the first day of camp during the check in process. Acceptance into the leadership programs are done based on age and interest in the program. The oldest campers will be assigned to the programs first.


Participants placed in the Horizon Leadership Program must be 15 years old by June 2020. A typical day includes a morning schedule during which Leader’s participate in aquatic training, leadership and team building skills, and occasionally assist with the younger campers during their recreation periods. Periods 4 and 5 are camper’s choice time as it is for all campers. Leader’s are also responsible for making sure all slingers are completing their “jobs” at meal times. They assist in other activity areas such as evening programs, specialty days, and Hilltop village nights. During this two week session, campers placed in this program are housed in Passaconaway, our tree house cabin.

The goal of this program is to start learning the basic necessities of teamwork, build leadership skills, and knowledge of how to work with younger campers.


Participants placed in the Summit Leadership Program must be 14-15 years old by June 2020. A typical day includes a morning schedule during which the cabin will participate in a team-building/leadership session, an Outdoor Living Skills activity period, and a free choice activity. Fire building, outdoor cooking, tenting, and shelter building are all skills that will be worked on and mastered throughout the two week session. Periods 4 and 5 are camper’s choice time as it is for all campers. Leader’s are also responsible for making sure all slingers are completing their “jobs” at meal times.During this two week session, campers placed in this program are housed in Lafayette.

The goal of this program is to learn the necessary skills to earn an overnight camp out by the end of the session. This new program revolves around nature, learning life skills, and developing yourself as a leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the LIT program different than regular camp?

The LIT program is a chance for campers interested in CIT program to get a head start in the skills needed to be a staff member. They learn valuable skills that will assist them as a CIT.

What are some privileges that Leadership receive?

LIT campers first gain a sense of pride in knowing that they are role models for other campers. They also have extra rewards they can earn like hobbies as a cabin during cabin time, having a night off from evening activity to do team building activities, and earning an out of camp trip for their group.

What will the leadership program do to prepare a camper for C.I.T.?

Leadership will work on the framework of being a counselor, increasing the benefits of becoming a CIT to give them advanced placement in cabin situations. Campers in the LIT program are between 14 and 15 years old and are anticipating becoming a CIT.

What are topics discussed in Leadership Programs?

In the LIT program, you learn about the role that leaders take at camp. We build on team building skills and outdoor living skills through activities such as low ropes elements, group discussions, observation, and hands on training. Campers learn how to deal with bullying and fairness to all campers, role modeling, and planning and pacing. LIT participants learn about communication skills and the ability to deal with situations in an appropriate manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the CIT program?

The goal of the CIT program is designed to teach valuable life skills, build self-esteem, and increase your daughter’s ability to focus and work as a team member, while getting ready to make the hard decision of do they or don’t they want to become a counselor at Camp Foss.

How long does the program take?

The program runs for three or four weeks and is broken up into four different stages. The first is week is the basics, learning how to do the required duties, how to work with youth, and bond with fellow CIT’s. The second stage involves shadowing; CIT’s will spend full days with a specific staff member observing how they conduct the day’s activities. In the third stage it’s time to start co-leading activities, CIT’s will start taking an active role in the cabin and at activity areas where they are assigned. The final week CIT’s are assigned a full time cabin where they will get to know the campers best and how to deal with common cabin problems.

What trainings are offered throughout the program?

The CIT program provides a variety of trainings all designed to help the CIT become a successful camp counselor. This includes workshops on homesickness, child abuse prevention, bullying, emergency procedures and drills, communication, team building, first aid and more.

How is the CIT experience different than being a camper?

Although CIT’s still participate in a variety of camp activities they are no longer playing for themselves, but playing to make sure all campers are engaged in a safe and fun activity.

What is the best age to be a CIT?

To participate in the CIT program participants must be 16 years old by June 15, 2020. We encourage all campers to participate in the Leader In Training Program first, as it is a great stepping stone program, but it is not required for application.

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